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"Unboxing" is the second Middlemost Post short.


When Parker receives a package for the first time, he decides not to open it.[2]


Parker, Russell and Angus are finishing up with unpacking packages for delivery tomorrow. Suddenly, Parker happens upon a package with his name on it! Angus recommends that he opens it, but Parker is overjoyed to actually even have a package and runs off with it.

The next day, he still hasn't opened it. Parker explains over breakfast how he's worried he'll never get one again. Angus lets it slide, but implores him to open it soon. From there, Parker proceeds to play with the package as if it was his best friend, taking it to the movies, eating spaghetti with it, and playing Marco Polo in a marshy swamp with it, leaving it in a muddied, eroded state.

Angus decides this has gone on long enough and tries to open it himself, but Parker has an outburst of thunder at him. Realising his error, Parker decides to stop mucking around and actually open the package. Very slowly, he finally opens it up and the trio are greeted with a smell that literally knocks them to the ground. Parker reads the enclosed letter, which reveals that this was a free trial from the "Ice Cream of the Month Club". The ice cream in the box is now green and hugely disgusting, but Parker eats it and serves it in cones regardless to Angus and Russell. Parker thinks it's delicious, but the other two are forced to vomit after eating it. The short ends with Parker baring his greened teeth to the audience in a cheeky grin.



  • This is the second short in the series.
  • This was played as part of Nick's Shorts Showcase, a short-form program showcasing small animated situations featuring various Nicktoon shows and characters like It's Pony.
  • The short was launched online hours earlier from its Nickelodeon premiere as a promotion for the series, alongside "Challenges" and a segment from "Skip Ads".
  • No storyboard director is not credited for the short so it's unknown who supervised the storyboard.