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Season One is the first season of the Nickelodeon animated TV series Middlemost Post, the season was greenlit in June 2020, and consists of 20 half hour episodes, and it is set to premiere on July 9th, 2021.


No. overall Title Card No. in season Title Synopsis Air date Prod. code
1 Firstdelivery.png 1A "First Delivery" While delivering a letter to a house that never gets mail, the gang goes through warfare to get to its front door. July 9, 2021 004
2 Choreorless.png 1B "Chore or Less" Parker does the chores in an attempt to be more like Angus and comes to realize that they’re actually boring. July 9, 2021 001
3 BURT! The Musical.png 2A "BURT! The Musical" Angus accidentally throws Burt away. July 16, 2021 012
4 Sunday No FunDay.png 2B "Sunday No FunDay" Angus takes a day off, but Parker thinks it's permanent. July 16, 2021 005
5 POSTBOT 3000.png 3A "POSTBOT 3000" Angus agrees to compete against Mayor Peeve's new POSTBOT in a mail-off to save the Middlemost Post. July 23, 2021 006
6 Boom Goes The Cloud.png 3B "Boom Goes The Cloud" Parker’s anxiety escalates when the cloud appears to be the source of loud nightly thundering plaguing the town. July 23, 2021 002
7 I Named It Whiskers.png 4A "I Named It Whiskers" After one of Lily's inventions goes haywire, she enlists Parker's help to get it back under control. July 30, 2021 007
8 How Angus Got His Groove Back.png 4B "How Angus Got His Groove Back" Angus loses his lucky beanie, which causes him to revert back to being a child. July 30, 2021 016
9 The Tooth Hurts.png 5A "The Tooth Hurts" Parker accidentally loses one of Russell's teeth and hurries to find a replacement before Angus finds out. August 6, 2021 003
10 The Middlemost Toast.png 5B "The Middlemost Toast" On Free Toast Day at the Middlemost Toast, Parker does whatever it takes to make sure Angus enjoys the holiday. August 6, 2021 008
11 My buddy, buddy.png 6A "My Buddy, Buddy" Parker's new friend turns out to be a Leprechaun in pursuit of gold. August 13, 2021 013
12 Love letters.png 6B "Love Letters" When Parker finds mysterious love letters written by Angus, the little nimbus goes all over town to find who they're meant for. August 13, 2021 TBA
13 No Image Available .png 7A "Darker Parker" Parker makes snowcones for everybody in town and learns that saying 'no' isn't always a bad thing. TBA TBA
14 No Image Available .png 7B "Lady in the Tree" Parker and Angus make a delivery to a spooky old woman in the Middlemost Forest. TBA TBA
15 No Image Available .png 8A "The Sleepover" TBA TBA
16 No Image Available .png 8B "The "B" Word" TBA TBA
TBA No Image Available .png TBA "All Named Reggie" TBA TBA TBA
TBA No Image Available .png TBA Untitled half-hour Christmas special TBA TBA TBA


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