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Parker J. Cloud is the main protagonist of Middlemost Post. One of the three main members of the Middlemost Post Office staff, he helps deliver mail to people across Mount Middlemost.


Parker is a bright, optimistic young kid who wants to help people as much as possible and brighten their days. He's very outwardly emotional and friendly, and tends to have outbursts of intense emotions sometimes (eg turning into a stormcloud when angered, or throwing up when too happy).


Parker is a light blue raincloud with pink cheeks, blue limbs, and a multicolored torso.

Being a raincloud, Parker is able to shapeshift and be incredibly expressive with his face, as he has been shown to transform into things like a hand, or when angered he can become a stormcloud. He has the ability to vomit rainbows.


  • Parker is directly based off of creator John Trabbic's own former experiences with drugs and his recovery from addiction, describing Parker in various sources as a "reformed raincloud" who used to "rain on people's parades, but now wants to brighten everybody's days".[2]
  • Parker canonically has no gender because he is a cloud, but he is referred to (mainly internally at Nickelodeon) with "he/him" pronouns for simplicity's sake. He is not explicitly non-binary or agender, as Trabbic has stated that different people can see different things in any given actual real cloud, as they may with Parker himself