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"POSTBOT 3000"[1] is the first segment of episode 3 in Season 1 of Middlemost Post.


Angus agrees to compete against Mayor Peeve's new POSTBOT in a mail-off to save the Middlemost Post.


Angus, Parker, and Russell bring a package to Mayor Peeve, who asks Angus if he is curious to know what's in the box, but Angus says he isn't. The gang leaves, and Mayor Peeve states that the Middlemost Post has covered his spot in the sun for too long, he is finally going to take revenge with: the POSTBOT 3000.

Middlemost Toast Same Day:

The Middlemost Post gang were eating at the Middlemost Toast, when POSTBOT 3000 shows up outside, impressing everyone. Angus asks Mayor what it is, and Mayor tells it, the package Angus delivered. Ryan, disguised as a random citizen, has some mail for the POSTBOT to deliver, to show the power of it. When POSTBOT delivers it successfully, the town decides to make a competition between Angus and POSTBOT, on who can deliver the mail the fastest, win. Winner keeps the Middlemost Post Ship, looser leaves.


Lily explains the rules: First to finish delivering wins. Angus states that he has a secret weapon: Parker and Russell. Mayor Peeve's POSTBOT states that he has a secret weapon too: Drone-Parker and Robo-Russell.

The race starts, with POSTBOT delivering his mails, and Middlemost Post gang theirs. It seems like Angus was faster than POSTBOT, and Mayor Peeve decides to use Drone-Parker to cheat and spy. The POSTBOT gang delivers mails faster and speeder, so, the Middlemost Post gang decides to split up, to make things faster. Angus deliver to Red Ridge and Parker and Russell to Purpleton.

When the POSTBOT delivers a mail to Yellow Springs resident, he decides to dance-battle with the Post-Bot, which makes POSTBOT stuck in the race, and Mayor Peeve orders Ryan to unstick him. Parker and Russell, almost about to finish their mail, notices that there's something strange inside Russell's stomach: It was Drone-Parker. Parker goes inside Russell and accidentally destroys Drone-Parker, and explodes in sea, and this makes Parker shocked. When Ryan finishes fixing POSTBOT, he kicks Ryan into Old Stinkhole, and continues to deliver the mail.

Parker and Russell reaches Angus, tells him that they completed their mail. When they were going to finish the race, they hear a call from Ryan in Old Stinkhole. They decided to help him, rather than winning the race.


The POSTBOT crosses the finish line and wins the race, much to Peeve's delight. After sometime, Angus appears at the finish line, with Ryan in his hand, making Peeve shocked. Parker reveals that POSTBOT kicked Ryan into Old Stinkhole, and POSTBOT confesses it, making Angus and the gang the winners, because the town wanted a true hero to deliver the mail, instead of a Robot that's kind of a jerk.

Mayor Peeve becomes angry at POSTBOT and leaves him, and POSTBOT sadly leaves until he encounters some dancing residents in Orangefield, and they have a dance battle.