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Administrators and bureaucrats are within their rights to block users based on severe/past rule violations done by the suspected user.

In the event of a misinterpretation, we can allow for the user who received the block to testify their block to the blocking user on Community Central, who may then discuss it with the other admins to see if it was a misunderstanding. Do not contact a staff member in other wikis except for Community Central or by their social media.

The Users Who will be Blocked are the Users Which:

  • Spammers
  • Terms of Use violations
  • Major disruption concerns
  • Under-age users
  • Users who are breaking the MPW rules

Request to Block a User who is Breaking the Rules


The User should either wait 1 day to 1 week for an admin to respond.

You can find the talk pages in the search button by giving the prefix: MPW/Block User:

More Information

Attempting to evade your block by creating alternate accounts, or sock-puppetry, will result in its extension and a permanent ban on your alternate accounts.

  • Changing your username to evade a block will be treated as creating a new account.
  • Creating two or more alternate accounts per block will lead to your main account being banned without warning.

To testify your block, proof must be shown that the user was violating the rules or that it was a misinterpretation. Preferably, a link or other form of evidence should be provided. Failure to be civilized or cooperative to the admin will make your appeal null and void, and in cases of spreading false information, may even get your account blocked/ban extended.

  • Blatantly attacking the staff or the wiki will result in your ban being non-negotiable.
  • Severe, incessant harassment may additionally result in a ban across the FANDOM network.

Administrators and bureaucrats have the right to deny your unblock request if they wish. If you are told that you will not be unbanned, wait for several months to pass or move on from the wiki.

Do not appeal for other users as those users have to make an appeal themselves.