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Lily is a regular character on Middlemost Post. She is the owner and proprietor of the Somewhere Store, an inventor, and Parker J. Cloud's best friend aside from the other Middlemost Post crew members.

Physical appearance

Lily is a stout, round-headed grub with pink hair and a miniature anglerfish lure-like protrusion on her head. She is primarily green in color, but has a pale yellow underbelly, and dark freckles on her cheeks. She usually rides around in a medium-sized humanoid mechanical body that makes it easier for her to perform tasks.



  • Lily was the first character besides Parker, Angus Shackleton, and Russell to be revealed to the public, albeit unintentionally.
    • In an Instagram post from character designer Chris Battle, she can be seen on a Christmas card given away to the crew members working on Season 1.
  • She has ten legs, but only six of them can be seen when she is in her suit.
  • Her suit features two hands, both of which have five fingers (including the thumb). This is somewhat unusual, as many characters on Middlemost Post have only four fingers per hand (including the thumb), provided they have any fingers at all.