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"I Named It Whiskers"[1] is the first segment of episode 4 in Season 1 of Middlemost Post.


After one of Lily's inventions goes haywire, she enlists Parker's help to get it back under control.



Parker leaves to see Lily, his best friend, only to find out that her shop has been destroyed. Lily appears and tells Parker that she has a problem, and that problem is a rat vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner sucks up Parker, much to Lily's shock. Parker appears out of the vacuum, and Parker asks why Lily made a killer vacuum, but Lily said that there's not much time, and Lily pressed a button and Parker and her got transported to the top of the room. Lily tells Parker that after a confetti blast, she thought it would be nice if she didn't have to clean all of it, so she made a vacuum, but it was too dumb and too slow, so Lily made it smarter and faster, and it worked, but she thought that what good is a vacuum if it only vacuums the floor, so she added titanium claws, enabling it climb walls, and razor-sharp teeth, but then it got into Lily's taxidermy collection, making it ugly and rat-like.

Lily says that they need to stop Whiskers(she named it Whiskers) from destroying the store. Parker has a plan which: Parker turns into cheese to trap Whiskers, when Lily will pull a rope from the box over the cheese. The rat gets into the box, and eats Parker, when Lily pulls the string. Parker uses lightning to exhaust Whiskers, only for them 2 to get all over the store. Whiskers gets lightning power thanks to Parker, when Parker and Lily runs into the 'Employee Only' room. Lily decides to bring the big guy (A Huge Robot), which made Parker tinkle.

A claw takes Lily and places her in the robot, when a customer comes in. Parker decides to take care of the customer, while Lily takes care of Whiskers. Lily comes out of the room, and starts to fight Whiskers. Parker takes care of the customer, and the customer happened what happened with the shop, but Parker says it's not his concern. The customer hears some bang and fight noises, which makes Parker tell him. Lily continues to fight the monster, when Parker appears in front of her and asks where the ping pong balls are. He appears again and again in the middle of the fight, and finally goes.

Lily throws a thing at Whisker's mouth, and prepares the final attack, and runs out of power, along with Whiskers. Parker hands over the ping pong balls to the customer, when the customer asks for one more thing: A Marker. Lily and Whiskers still charge up, when Parker asks Lily where the markers are. Whiskers and Lily both finish charging up, and start to fight. Whiskers destroys Lily's robot's one arm, and the other, and the whole thing. Lily lies there alone, with Whiskers charging at her to destroy her. Parker hands the marker to the customer, and the customer makes googly eyes from it, and Parker laughs at it. Lily calls Parker for help, and the customer leaves. Parker asks what happened to Lily, and Lily asks him to grab her regular suit, but Whiskers destroys it.

Whiskers escapes from the front door because Parker forgot to lock the door, and Whiskers head onto destroy the city. Parker cries over the mistake he done, but Lily comforts her. Lily and Parker both talk, and decides to destroy the monster by Parker turning into a cloud power suit. Whiskers appears, and Lily commands Parker to fire at 6:00, but Parker thinks it's actually to fire at 6'o clock, so Whiskers eats Parker, with Lily loosing her suit. Whiskers prepare to eat Lily, but she says Parker(inside Whiskers) to fire her freeze gun now. Parker shoots at Whiskers, freezes him and destroys him, and Parker gets out of him.

Lily and Parker reach the destroyed Somewhere Store, and Lily says that there is another invention to clean it up, and the clean-up bot chases Parker and Lily, ending the episode.


Concept art with the original title

  • This is the first episode in which Angus Shackleton and Russell are absent, thereby making Parker the only character who has appeared in every episode of the series.
  • According to Chris Battle, the designer of the show, the episode's original title was "Lily’s Mouse Trap".