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"First Delivery"[1] is the first segment of episode 1 in Season 1 of Middlemost Post, and the first episode of the series overall.


While delivering a letter to a house that never gets mail, the gang goes through warfare to get to its front door.[2]



Parker brings a delivery from the Middlemost Post to Todd, who was playing badminton with Tina. Todd looses his last shuttlecock, so Parker turned into one so that they could play, but he had to move because there were other deliveries, as Angus called him. The Middlemost Post gang reached Orangefield, where there were mails to be delivered in separate cupboards. Russell shoots the mail into each cupboards by his mouth, and Angus accidentally shoots Parker. The gang then reaches Purpleton, where Russell changes into a mail gun, Parker a helmet for Angus. The gang shoots mail to each address in Purpleton.

The gang then reaches Yellow Springs, Angus sticks a mail onto a cactus, and then they reach a giant wall where a mail should be delivered, which was for Levi Alone. Parker puts the mail onto the mailbox, only to find out it is made of sand, making the gang to hand-deliver the letter. The gang gets inside the huge gate, with Angus getting trapped in a rope hanging to a cactus, with Parker trying to cut him down, but a group of cacti grown below Angus, making Angus fall into it and faint for sometime. After Angus gets up, he gets greeted by Parker, and Parker tells him that his butt was full of prickles, and says that they are poisonous, but Angus denies.

Angus then sees his butt is hurt, and gets angry and decides to deliver the letter and get out of there. Parker tells that maybe there will be more booty (booby) traps, and Angus ignores and walks toward the house, but gets stuck in quicksand. Parker and Russell saves Angus, with Angus being fainted again. Angus then wakes up, and becomes very angry, and calls Levi Alone a jerk face. Angus decides not to give up, since he never missed a delivery his entire life, and that's what he does. Angus gets too tired with his muscles cramped, so Russell and Parker decides to deliver the mail. Russell is drove like a tank, while Parker was controlling him and Angus telling them what to do. Parker and Russell reach the door, only to be thrown away from the 'Get Lost' Mat, which makes Angus more mad, telling that the Middlemost Post delivers any mail without any fail, and Parker joining him. When the two get ready to deliver the mail, a big parkour trap appears in front of them, but they still didn't give up. The gang go through:

  • Smashing Cars
  • Chomping ropes and flying veins
  • An electricity net with punching gloves
  • A ladder
  • Bouncy boards with sharp needles beside it
  • A zip line followed by cactus needles shot, flaming fires,
  • A road to the house (way up high)

Angus reaches the house and gets pass through all the traps, while Parker and Russell were stuck in the ropes in the parkour. Then Angus notices that he forgot the mail with Parker, and gets thrown away from the 'Get Lost' mat and lands in a cactus. Angus gets pooped up all again, and leaves Parker to do the job. Parker gets through all the traps, with Russell and Angus cheering for him. Parker lands on the 'Get Lost' mat, and quickly dodges it, but gets stuck in sand. But Parker gets out, and gets the mail to Levi Alone. Mr. Alone reads the letter, and everyone realizes that the letter was from Parker, much to Angus' surprise. But Levi closes the door onto Parker's face, with no reaction, making Parker sad, and Angus confronts him. After a while, a letter for Parker was slid under Levi's door, which said: "Dear Cloud, Looking forward to our next romp. Don't forget to bring the mail. Signed, Levi Alone." After reading the message, Parker thinks that Levi and him could be pen-pals, and Angus thinks that it isn't a good idea, but when he was about to finish, the 'Get Lost' mat threw him away. Parker and Russell decided to start their new letter, so they could do it everyday.


John DiMaggio as Angus and Levi Alone

Becky Robinson as Parker

John Trabbic as the Reggies


  • Despite being the first episode of the show, it was not the first content aired - rather, that was "Challenges".
  • This is the only episode to have been uploaded on Nickelodeon's YouTube channel fully, for free.