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DIY is the third Middlemost Post short.


Parker, Russell and Angus make a new friend.


Angus walks in on Parker and Russell trying to make their own friend so they won't be lonely, he asks what they are doing and Parker explains to him that it is DIY (Do It Yourself). Angus decides he wants to do his own DIY (Don't Include Yourself) and goes off to read his favorite book.

Soon Angus becomes tempted to join them by seeing all of his favorite things such as hammering, taping, and being productive, he checks in on them during the process and soon snaps when he sees how much fun Parker and Russell are having.

The trio get hard to work on making their new friend (and take a 1930s-style lunch break). Finally, after all the hard work their new friend is complete! Angus said he needs a name because they define character. In response, Russell belches loudly, suggesting the name "Burt". Parker likes the name and tries to show him around, but soon he falls apart and the trio must build him all over again.



  • This was played as part of Nick's Shorts Showcase, a short-form program showcasing small animated situations featuring various Nicktoon shows and characters like It's Pony.
  • The short was launched online hours earlier from its Nickelodeon premiere as a promotion for the series, alongside Travel.