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"Chore or Less"[1] is the second segment of episode 1 in Season 1 of Middlemost Post.


Parker does the chores in an attempt to be more like Angus and comes to realize that they're actually boring.


In the Middlemost Post Boat, Angus was explaining Parker and Russell their priorities, which were Deliver Mail, Deliver Mail, and Deliver Mail. Angus asks the gang if they have any new business, and Angus tells his: Chores. He then shows his chores list, which fills the whole ship. Angus adds Parker's name next to his in the chores list, making Parker excited. Parker decides to start his chores, while Angus goes outside. First, Parker turns into a small storm cloud and washes the dishes, passing them to Russell to dry them. Second, Parker turns into a plunger to repair the toilet, but gets out of the toilet wet, and then Russell uses him to clean the washing machine. Then, Parker uses Russell as a vacuum to clear the dirt.

Suddenly, Angus was heading toward the ship, so Parker decides to quick things up to make Angus proud, but instead, sucks up all the stuff(leaving some) in the ship, and when Angus opens the door, the chores look all done. Russell becomes green and then vomits all the stuff they vacuumed, and then all the chores Parker and Russell have done reverted, and Angus decides to make a meeting. Parker apologizes to Angus for doing all this, including washing his underwear in Russell's bowl, and Angus says that he should've shown how the chores are done(like he should've done in the first place). Parker becomes excited that Angus and Parker do chores together.

Angus explains how chores are really done, making Parker bored. When Angus was continuing to explain, he seemed to run out of spray. Angus asks if which one could get some spray from the store, Parker and Russell both insist. Parker speaks to Lily at the Somewhere Store, telling that he didn't know chores were boring. Lily says that chores are boring, but Parker says that Angus loves chores, he even whistles when he's doing them. Parker decides to tell Angus that he doesn't want to do chores, but thinks that it will break his heart. Parker tells Angus that he isn't doing chores anymore, but Angus goes against it because he is the only one to do chores. Parker states that Angus loves chores, but Angus disagrees. So Parker tells Angus not to do chores anymore, so Angus decides to not do chores anymore, just to teach Parker how important chores are. The ship suddenly turns messy, with Parker not caring. So, Angus decides to talk with Parker. Suddenly, a big garbage tsunami appears, wiping out the gang, making the ship rock about and out, about to fall of the Mountain. Parker shouts to abort ship, but Angus resists.

Parker and Russell both rock the ship side and side, with going each side of the ship. Angus falls of the ship, with Parker regretting his decision. Suddenly, when Parker and Russell were about to fall, Angus from below holds the ship, to save the city. Parker then realizes that doing chores is the only way to save Middlemost, and starts doing them. Parker then finishes all the chores, and the ship becomes perfectly balanced. Angus and Parker talk for a moment, and Parker finally realizes that chores are important, or may cause to people to loose their pants. Mayor was angry because the Middlemost Post ship didn't fall down, and a bathtub came flying at him.


John DiMaggio as Angus

Colton Dunn as Mayor Peeve

Kiren as Lily

Johnny Pemberton as Ryan

Becky Robinson as Parker and Rust


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