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"Game... oooon!" -Parker

"Challenges" is the first Middlemost Post short.


Parker, Angus and Russell become obsessed with doing challenges.


Parker is demonstrating how to do challenges with the 'Box Flip Challenge' to Russell, but Angus reprimands him for this. Parker sees this as an invitation for him to get Angus in on the fun and challenges him to flip a box, which he succeeds at. From here, it's game on for the two of them.

The pair take the 'Milk Chug Challenge', which Angus fails but Parker succeeds at (stopping only to vomit rainbows all over the office and Russell). Russell joins in with the 'Letter Lick Challenge' and Angus survives the 'Crows Nest Pole Slide Challenge' with a singed rear. Angus finds himself losing at the 'Beard Stuff Challenge' and 'Mountain Bowling Challenge'. Parker and Angus then find themselves at the mercy of spicy toast in the 'Hot Toast Challenge'.

From there, the trio begin getting obsessed with multiple surreal challenges, from spinning in chairs and eating donuts to stamping parcels, stuffing eggs into their faces and arm-wrestling old ladies. The challenges finally come to a head in the final challenge, in which Parker challenges Angus to hug him...for 30 seconds. It starts off normal, but suddenly the entire mountain begins shaking from the power Angus is exerting to hug Parker. Angus struggles to hold on as the boat starts collapsing around them ("MUST...COMPLETE...CHALLENGE!!"). Finally the entire boat violently explodes, leaving a smouldering crater atop the mountain where the boat used to be, and the trio laying there bruised, dazed and sore.

As the short ends, a badly battered Angus challenges Parker to "no more challenges." Parker, similarly broken and bandaged, accepts.



  • This is the very first aired short in the series.
  • This is the first episode that has played on television for the series as a whole.
  • This was played as part of Nick's Shorts Showcase, a short-form program showcasing small animated situations featuring various Nicktoon shows and characters like It's Pony.
  • The short was launched online hours earlier from its Nickelodeon premiere as a promotion for the series, alongside "Unboxing" and a segment from "Skip Ads".
  • No storyboard director and storyboard artist is not credited for the short so it's unknown who supervised the storyboard and storyboarded this short.