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"Boom Goes the Cloud"[1] is the second segment of episode 3 in Season 1 of Middlemost Post.


Parker's anxiety escalates when the cloud appears to be the source of loud nightly thundering plaguing the town.


Angus, Parker, and Russell get ready for bed, and discuss about it was a great day. Parker asks Angus if the day after will be as good as today, Angus says why not. When everyone goes asleep, Parker sees a bad dream where he rained on an artist's painting, and chases him away. This dream causes Parker to night thunder, where the whole town wakes up, including Angus.

Angus sees Parker hidden behind Russell's bed, and knows that Parker had a bad dream and night-thundered. Angus (unconvincingly) says that it happens, and says it was probably a one-time thing. Parker asks if the whole mountain heard her thunder, but Angus denies it.

Angus, Parker and Russell were delivering mail the next day, where everyone was very sleepy. Parker assumes that they heard him night-thunder, only for Angus to deny it again. But they soon found out that the town was sleepy and didn't sleep because of Parker's night-thunder, making Parker shocked. It even a person's house be destroyed after being struck by lightning, making Parker even more scared, making him hide inside Russell's belly. The Middlemost Post gang decides to go to Mrs. Pam and get some delicious toast, making Parker excited.

At the Middlemost Toast, A sleepy Mrs. Pam showed up, and Angus tells Parker he can order whatever he wants, making Parker even more excited. Parker orders the Frooty Tooty Toasty Cutie, which he had yesterday. Angus decides to make it a full loaf, to cheer up Parker.

It is night at the Middlemost Post office, and Parker almost night-thundered again, so he decides to stay up the night. To stay up he: Ran through the Treadmill, eating some toast to give him energy. Then, he uses a machine in the post office where when someone sleeps, Burt slaps them. Finally, he uses bubble wrap to cover himself, so when he sleeps the bubble wrap will pop. None of them worked, and then, he fell asleep. Parker dreams another nightmare, where he is that same rain cloud, where he ruins Doug's wedding, which causes him to night-thunder again, waking up Angus and Russell, and making a hole in the wall.

The next day, Angus fixes the wall hole, even tells to fix Parker's night-booms. Since Angus never let down Parker, Angus decides to go fix the booms. Angus goes to Lily, hopeless, and Lily recommends thunderwear, which protects you from thunder. When Angus was on his way out, he sees ear plugs and buys them.

Parker wears the thunderwear and it fits him perfectly, making Angus relieved, and hopes that it works. Parker shows off his thunderwear to the crowd, when suddenly, he falls into a manhole, breaking the thunderwear. Inside the hole, he sees the raincloud, and turns into a tornado, destroying the town and eating Angus and Russell. It turns out it was also a bad dream as well. Parker was about to night-thunder, but the thunderwear restricted it. But the thunderwear overloaded, and a huge sound was made, waking the citizens and breaking houses. Angus and Russell were the only ones who didn't wake up. Parker doubted this, only to find out that they used ear plugs, and decides to leave Mount Middlemost. When Parker was leaving, Angus woke up to stop him, and succeeds in convincing him to stay.

The gang later finds out it was the Frooty Tooty Toasty Cutie which was giving Parker the booms, since it gave everyone farts. To make it up for Parker, Mrs. Pam offers him a free coupon. To confirm that it was the Frooty Tooty Toasty Cutie which was giving Parker's night booms, Parker didn't eat it for the whole day, making him sleep in peace. After sometime, Parker rainblows and wakes up, because he had the best dream. Angus and Russell, who were shot by Parker's rainbow, said that it was better than the night booms, ending the episode.


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