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"BURT! The Musical" is the first segment of episode 2 in Season 1 of Middlemost Post.


When Angus accidentally throws Burt away, he and Parker must get him back from Greenwood's Recycle King.



Parker was imagining him playing baseball with Burt and him winning, when Russell knocked him out of it. The two hanged out with Burt, stating that Burt is still their best bud.

Inside the ship, Angus was explaining Parker and Russell an important topic: Workplace Safety which made Parker bored. Parker then asks where's Burt, and Angus states that he accidentally put Burt in the recycling bin, and Angus tells the gang to go to the recycling station and bring Burt back. Parker doubts if they will give Burt back, but Angus says that he can't figure out one good reason they wouldn't give Burt back.

The gang reaches the center, and sees a signboard written: 'BURT: The New Face of Recycling', which makes Angus see a good reason they wouldn't give Burt back. Angus asks an employee if where his boss is, and replies his majesty is meditating. The gang reaches to his majesty, and he greets them as guests. Angus asks the Recycling King if they could get Burt back, but the Recycling King refuses and sings a song:

[Recycling King]
Every Piece of Trash is someone else's treasure
When treasure's never where you look
Get the Hook!
[Recycling King]
Just Chill Out!
Relax, while I reduce and re-use some facts
About a kid who than just some boxes you stack!
But we want him back!
This singing is whack.
[Recycling King]
Tough Track
He's just smashing to smash,
He's the next-gen, born again poster boy of Zen
So you can't have him back!
But the same time you can
Listen Up!
Now Burty boy belongs to everyone in the land!
I don't understand!
[Recycling King]
You see, Burt,
He belongs to the world!
[Employees of the Recycling Center, in unison]
In style!
[Recycling King]
Yeah, Burt, He belongs to the world
[Employees of the Recycling Center, in unison]
To keep energized!
[Recycling King]
If you really want to get it
Use this coupon you won't regret it
Have your pick of all the Burts!
To build your own with extra perks
Gotta turn old into new
I'm just so used to using used
Nothing better in life
Than using something twice!
[Employees of the Recycling Center, in unison]
Oo-wah, Oo-wah,
Ooh-wah, Oo-wah
[Recycling King]
See, now here's the proof
Burt's gonna rise the roof
On true recycling awareness
Ok, what about this here mess?
[Sobbing] Burt! (x4)
[Recycling King]
Not to fear
You got the coupon
Go build a Burt
A nice brand new one!
Tell them the Recycling King Sent ya!
He belongs to the world!

A kid comes to the store to buy a Burt, when Angus was trying to build Parker's one. After Angus finishes, he asks Parker how his Burt is, when Parker wants the original Burt. Angus sees an employee park his car, and has a plan. He asks Parker and Russell to follow him, with Russell eating Burt.

Angus and the gang get into the employee's car, and tells the gang that they are going to get the real Burt back. When the gang was about to start the car, the Recycling King sees them and takes them for a factory tour. A few more visitors squeeze in. The Recycling King then sings a song in the factory tour:

♪ I love to sing With my new friends ♪
♪ And I won't stop Until the tour ends! ♪
♪ Come with me!
♪ You will see! ♪
♪ All the hues That we use! ♪
Someone make it stop, please!
[Recycling King]
First stop: this outstanding orange field.
♪ Orange you glad They recycled there ♪
♪ Tons of trash From that county fair! ♪
Yellow Springs!
♪ A veritable rat pack of pack rats ♪!
♪ They reuse in the desert Of deserted dreams ♪
♪ Go for the pyramid Stay for the schemes! ♪
Red Witch! Red Witch!
♪ Nothing but just a smidge!♪
♪ But the red is just not ready When it comes to wait ♪
♪ They're half the reason We started this place ♪
♪ We spin the wheel We just play spin the wheel ♪

After the song finished, Angus whispers Parker a plan to get Burt back and get rid of Mr. Sing-a-lot (Recycle King).

The Recycle King shows the first recycle can, and everyone takes pictures of it. The gang decides to put their plan into action. Parker turns into a smoky cloud, making the bell ring and water spray to spray water, making a flood. Russell drops the Recycle King's first can, and it floats away in the flood, making Recycle King to chase it. The gang decides to put their second plan into action.

The gang disguise themselves as photographers, and ask the employees if they happened to know where the 'Burt Photoshoot' is, and the nuts (employees) tells them where it is. Back, the Recycle King gets the can, but it turns all soggy and wet, and lost it's cover, and the King had no other option than throwing it in the trash. The Recycle King then asks where the Beardy Man (Angus) and the Fluffy Cloud (Parker) is, and one of the visitors tell him that they escaped to save Bert.

A nut is shown taking multiple pictures of the Original Bert, and when Angus tells Parker to put the the third part in action, Parker rushes, cries, and hugs Burt, the Cameraman shouts at him to move, but Angus throws the Cameraman away. Parker reunions with Burt, making it emotional for Angus and Russell.

The Recycling King came marching toward the Photoshoot room, and opens to see Burt is still there. Then, when he hugs Burt, he finds out it is a Build-a-Burt, making the Recycling King mad.

Back at the ship, Parker and Russell were playing baseball with the Original Burt, and Parker hugs Burt for being his best friend, with the cameraman flying in the sky.


John DiMaggio as Angus, Acorn Photographer, Son, and Visitors

Becky Robinson as Parker and Visitors

Dave H. Johnson as Acorn Worker #1, Reggie, Doug, and Visitors

Matt Mahaffey as Acorn Singer

Tish Mahaffey as Acorn Singer

Kamali Minter as Nancy, Acorn Workers, and Visitors

Billy Porter as Recycle King

John Trabbic as Mikey and ORincidental #1


  • Befitting its musical theme, this episode premiered during the summer-long "Mega Music Fest" on Nickelodeon.
  • Build-a-Burt is a parody of the real-life teddy bear store Build-a-Bear Workshop.
  • This is the first episode to feature a guest star, namely Billy Porter (of Kinky Boots fame) as the Recycle King.