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Angus Roy Shackleton III, often simply called Angus, is the deuteragonist of Middlemost Post. He works as a mailman, more specifically a deliveryman, at the Middlemost Post.


Formerly a fisherman, Angus is a burly fellow who is bound to his job at the Middlemost Post Office as a deliveryman. Somewhat surly but quite friendly, he takes his job and the rules he follows very seriously, but he is happy to indulge in a few diversions every once in a while as long as the job gets done.

His relationship with Parker is one of a cynical old man and a young boy - willing to go along with his adventures, but the voice of reason throughout.


Angus is a large, bulky man with a yellow shirt with red stripes on it, green overalls, and a blue knit cap. He also has a beard, a mustache, and hairy arms.


  • "I Named It Whiskers" is the first episode in which he does not appear.
  • Angus refers to his hat as his "lucky beanie". If he doesn't have it, he acts like a baby.
    • Angus' lucky beanie was knitted by his father, Angus R. Shackleton Jr.